Bone Graft

Bone Graft choices and background

The doctor has determined that you need augmentation or to reg row bone about some places of your mouth. We numb all areas and clean the surfaces to remove all contamination or irritations to the sites. You have bone in different adjacent or distant locations about your jaw brought over to fix into the area of interest. Often we need additional bone material due to a loss of bone about many areas of your mouth.

In many instances we offer you donor material, the bone powders or pieces called allograft or xenograft would be added to or instead of donor sites of your bone. We bring the grafting materials (both yours autograft and allograft —xenograft) to the prepared recipient site. Auto — your own, allo from another person, xeno- from an animal cow.

The package of allograft or xenograft material will have a separate paper to tell you all about this donor graft material or donor material.

Anterior Implant with Bone Grafting

Some products have names such as FDHBA or bio-oss to name a few. Mineral materials including calcium salts, bio-active glass, coral reef or clam shell are filler materials also used sometimes for filling defects or loss of bone. We offer only the finest quality and safest proven materials for our work.

To summarize:

Basically we prepare the (unhealthy location) recipient site to receive the donor material. We give you instructions, both oral and written, with various prescriptions for medications.

If you have any interest to see the allograft donor material information sheets please request it or ask for more information.

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