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Oral appliance Instructions of Care

The oral device you now have has been customized to fit your mouth. It is constructed out of high resistant plastic for a nice, gentle, intimate fit to your teeth and gums. We do not want it to rub or cause irritations of any kind. If you have any new dental work done (such as crowns, bridges or filling) this may alter the fit of your guard and the guard may need to be adjusted. Call and report any such concern.

You have been shown how to insert and remove this appliance. If you practice in front of the bathroom mirror you should master the techniques in a few attempts. Do not bite down on it until you have pressed it into fully into place. Rinsing the guard prior to placement may make it easier to insert. Your appliance and your mouth should both be wet for best fit.

Your appliance should be kept in its case at all times unless it is in your mouth. We need you to wear the bite appliance as directed. If you follow instructions you should be able to get the best results. Do not expect to eat with this appliance. Take it out, put it in the case then put it back in your mouth after eating. Do not wrap it in tissues, paper towel, and/or napkins because it maybe mistakenly thrown out. Please keep away from pets (they tend to like to chew them up).

Always do your personal dental hygiene, such as brushing and flossing, first, and then insert the appliance. If you put the appliance in your mouth just prior to sleep you may have a feeling of excess saliva (your body thinks the appliance is food and salivates) for a brief time. Use this appliance all night, when you sleep and/or when you nap, during long drives or if you get stress during waking hours. Keep track of when you wear it. Keep a diary so we know when you wear it. We must know your compliance and habits.

Clean your appliance with mild soap and water not most toothpastes (most toothpastes contain silica or sand which is very abrasive). Use your toothbrush. Do not abuse it with strong chemicals or other products. Not alcohol containing rinses or denture cleaners. We want you to use it for years.

We need to check wear and changes to the appliance from time to time so bring it to any future visits. Dental devices get worn in ways similar to shoes. They wear unevenly over time and need be checked. Any new fillings or caps require the device to be brought in to check for fit.

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