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Osseous Surgery: When you have infection under the gum we comfortably clean out this infection from the surface of the jaw bone and stimulate bone healing.

Sub Connective Tissue Grafts: When you loose gum, or get that long in tooth look we rebuild the gum around teeth. We do various techniques to rebuild gum. You need strong gum to seal off the teeth from damage.

Dental Implants: Dental implants are replacement roots. The root(s) can be used to hold one tooth crown or replace multiple missing teeth. They can also be used to stabilize an ill-fitting denture.

Crown Lengthening: For a broken tooth break we need to lower gum and expose more root to save what remainder of that tooth so your dentist can fabricate a crown to cover the root.

Extractions: When we find a loose tooth or painful infected tooth, we numb up the area and remove the hopeless tooth. You can loose bone from taking out a tooth so we offer filling in the socket with bone grafting material. The space can then be filled in with a dental implant if a candidate.

Biopsy: We check tongue; cheeks, lips and throat for abnormalities that should be removed and sent for analysis. Lesions if they are caught early makes for much better prognosis.

TMJ (Temporomandibular joint) Disorder: The joint between the temple and your lower jaw is called the TMJ. This area of your jaw can sometimes be painful, have a clicking noise or the jaw can lock open or when closed. The problem is called temporomandibular dysfunctions, TMD. We test what is giving you problems and subject various treatments to help.

Night Guard / Hawley Appliance/ Bruxism: Teeth wear from bruxing or grinding. We make a custom fitted mouth appliance to stop damaging contact between teeth.

Frenectomy: You have small muscles connecting your lips to the gums. We move the muscle and re connect it away from the tooth and everything becomes gets more normal. If this muscle pulls your gums away from the tooth, it could lead to abscessing, infection and loss of teeth.

Scaling and Root Planning: Scaling and root planning is a very advanced series of dental cleanings. If the calculus or tarter deposits on your roots extend under the gums it must be removed. This root debridement (sterilizing or cleaning) is done to remove the infected bacteria filled material from destroying the gums and supporting bone around your teeth. This procedure is the most successful procedure done in periodontics to help save your teeth from gum infection. Good home care will lessen the need for this more extensive cleaning. Floss, brushing in a careful proper manner helps.

Periodontal Maintanance Therapy: After you complete your treatment, we schedule follow-up cleaning to keep you healthy. The post periodontal treatment program including cleanings and measurements between your dentist and periodontist is established to keep results optimal. This may involve alternating visits between your dentist and our periodontal office. Return of Periodontal diseases often is preventable if treated and maintained in a regular interval.

Sleep Apnea Appliance: A custom fitted oral appliance can be fabricated to align the teeth and tongue. This space keeps the tongue from blocking the throat and airway. If the throat collapses from the tongue falling back, a person may snore and actually stop breathing many times during the night. If a diagnosis of obstructive sleep apnea or chronic snoring is made the improvement may be substantial. Precise fit of the appliance in the mouth permits the maximum oral space kept for breathing and comfort.

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